New tech from MWC - Part 2

MWC has now come to a close and it’s been cram packed with fantastic new and future tech – some from folk you already know and some from brand new start-ups who could one day become the next big thing. But enough of that, you’ve seen Part 1 of our MWC tech discoveries and you’re looking for Part 2 now, right? You’ve come to the right place!

Robots. Robots everywhere!

Some robots are there just for fun or as a technological feat but this year there were others that were designed to be helpful, such as ‘Pepper’, an AI robotic assistant from the minds at SoftBank Robotics that you could easily imagine seeing in many shops, petrol stations & transport links one day in the future. Sometimes you can’t beat talking to a human but if you’re just after the next train time or to get directions, it could be Pepper you’ll be talking to one day soon.

Ohh, before we forget… Cybernet!

Smart & Connected Cars

Cars?! At Mobile World Congress?! These days the lines are getting a little blurry, with some cars full to the brim of sensors and everything ‘talking’ to one another. There were several 4G & connected car ‘visions’ including from the likes of BMW, SEAT & Mercedes-Benz but what really stole the show is a toss-up between the new Peugeot Instinct concept car and ‘Robocar’ – a self-driving electric AI race car.

Peugeot Instinct
The Instinct gathers data from other devices to tailor your driving experience. If you have a smart watch with heart rate sensors and you’ve had a stressful day at work, the Instinct would know this and would adjust the seating position and ambient lighting to try and help you relax, along with some soothing music on the way home. With Samsung making other smart tech such as smart fridges, it’s not a stretch to imagine it being able to suggest picking up a pint of milk on the way home because you’re running low.

The ‘Robocar’
Say hello to the worlds first fully autonomous driverless electric race car. Not only does it look fantastic, but it has the potential to completely revolutionise motorsport. Gone could be the days of driving accidents, fatalities or injuries. While this is a massive advance for safety, could it still deliver the excitement? Would Formula 1 still be exciting without a driver physically being behind the wheel? Regardless, the tech that has been imagined and put together to make this possible is truly incredible

Lechal Insoles

Falling into the smart wearables department are these fantastic ‘Lechal’ insoles.

What’s great about them is that it doesn’t just track your workouts such as steps taken and distance covered, but they can provide accurate turn-by-turn navigation without ever looking at a map or your phone. It achieves this through haptic feedback – vibrating the right insole if you should turn right, or the left insole if you should turn left.

You simply fire up the app, set your destination, and let your feet take you there without ever taking a wrong turn.

Alcatel A5 LED

One of the new mobiles shown off at MWC this year was the A5 LED from Alcatel. What helps this stand out from the crowd isn’t it’s specs or performance, but its visuals. The back cover connects directly to the phone to give you your very own light show – changing to the beat of your music, showing you notifications (such as a scrolling blue ‘F’ for a facebook notification), or showing patterns based on the colours of your theme or wallpaper. The light shows were smooth, fluid and really catch your eye – it looks fantastic.

And it’s a wrap! (or is it?)

Today was the last day of this years MWC but keep your eyes peeled next week as we’ll follow-up with a recap of what tech was on display at the Telefonica stand at this years MWC. To stay up to date on all the latest tech, news & fun, follow us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram & ‘O2UK‘ on Snapchat.