Network problems? We listen, we learn, we make it better.

by O2 Business

Let’s be honest. We only use our smartphones to be more productive – accessing our work calls, emails, and IM’s while we’re in and out of the office, right? Oh, and using Googlemaps to get around. And maybe some Facebook travelling home. And a bit of Instagram posting or music streaming at lunch. There might be some YouTube viewing at the bus stop. And catching up with the news, checking the home thermostat, replying to your personal emails, checking LinkedIn and Twitter, and calling your better half (or trying to find a better half with a swipe to the right).

Last year’s survey showed that 80% of us reach for our smartphones to keep us occupied – especially if we’re by ourselves which usually happens when we’re moving between A and B. But what happens when you can’t connect? A call is cut off? Or your boss sounds like a Dalek under water? It happens to all of us and it absolutely isn’t the O2 customer experience we want you to have. So we monitor when calls drop and also give you options to let us know when and where those issues seem to be happening.

At O2 we measure our performance around things that are truly important to customers and we run our network according to these.

We send over 47,000 surveys each week to our mobile users, gauging satisfaction. We also provide our Live Network Status checker and My Network App to provide real time updates when you’ve experiencing a network issue. These tools provide an additional 85,000 insights each week. We then combine that with O2’s super car fleet that drives over 500,000 miles of UK highways, A and B roads. All that detail is then used in planning and then dispatching teams to resolve the issues in a problem location.  Consider it crowd sourced insight that lets us learn where the problems are.

We don’t stop there either. We have the UK’s first Intelligent Network that self-optimises. It monitors the network in real time, making 7.2 million automatic and instantaneous improvement decisions each year. That is constantly retuning the network focussing coverage and bandwidth where it’s needed. For example we can boost network capability to enhance the experience of customers watching videos.

Some of our public O2 Wifi hotspots across the UK support O2 Wifi Extra which will automatically switch your device between our 3G, 4G and Wifi networks – all dependant on what will deliver you the best user browsing experience. And if you’re lucky enough to attend one of over 300 events during the year, like the London Marathon, Wimbledon or Glastonbury, you’ll find we proactively provide temporary solutions to boost coverage, pre-empting any issues due to network congestion.

With three out of four UK adults owning a smartphone, that’s a huge number of calls, a huge amount of data. We know that sometimes the user experience won’t be perfect. But our commitment is never to stop proactively improving our network.  It’s a commitment we made to Ofcom that will see us ensuring 98% 4G indoor coverage by the end of 2017.  A commitment that helped us win Mobile News’ Mystery Shopper series to get the Best Network (Performance) award.  We celebrate O2 4G’s fourth birthday on 29 August but we won’t be taking a break.  If you have problems, rest assured, we’ll listen and act.