Making the move to digital work

How Surrey and Sussex Police forces reduced paperwork by 2 hours per officer per shift

by O2 Business

Many of us will have thought “there has to be a better way” during our working days. But bogged down by the pressures of time, money or sometimes skills shortages, change doesn’t always happen. However when an organisation can lift its head from the day-to-day pressures, and do things differently, then the results can be inspirational.

Police officers, due to the unpredictable nature of their jobs, spend a significant amount of their time on the road, serving their community. For the Surrey and Sussex Police forces, when they looked at what digital transformation could mean for their officers, they didn’t just want to change paper based forms for electronic records and hope to keep officers in the field for longer, but find a way to co-operatively share access to services and databases.  They wanted to make policing more effective across both counties.

Using O2-provided mobile devices preloaded with apps specifically designed for the UK police forces, and protected by mobile device management solutions, information from any of their 35 systems and databases can be securely accessed by officers in the field. Information like photos to confirm a suspect’s identity, or details of a vehicle’s road tax status can now be discreetly viewed and updated in real-time, speeding up decision making. It’s also helped reduce the number of calls going into the back office, looking for information and avoids sensitive information being overheard when received by voice radio systems.

The convenience, and immediacy, of ensuring rich information is accessible when and where it’s needed has saved on travel time. The two forces cover more than 2,000 square miles and there has been a clear reduction in the need to return to a police station to access or update information.  This has saved roughly two hours per officer per shift and keeps officers in the communities they serve, where they can have the most impact.

Critically the project has allowed focus on the real-time sharing of digital information between both forces. This improves collaboration on cases that can span both territories and reduces reporting inconsistencies whilst expediting the reporting and governance processes.

Mobile policing affects all departments, from traffic and road policing to investigative policing. By using O2’s government certified CAS(T) mobile and fixed network infrastructure to ensure secure communications, in conjunction with well-designed apps and IT Security solutions to protect the data consolidated from multiple systems, the results seen by Surrey Police and Sussex Police working together have been significant; the estimated annual savings of £7 million continue to grow as they embrace a move to digital processes.

To realise how your organisation could benefit from digital transformation, becoming paperless, or to learn more about our Bluelight digital services for emergency services, please contact us or visit the O2 website.