Don't pay for a phone you already own

 Citizens Advice’s announcement today highlights that some mobile phone networks are overcharging customers by continuing phone payments even when they own the phone. However, since launch in April 2013, the ground-breaking O2 Refresh tariff has transformed the way people buy mobile phones by separating the cost of their phone from the cost of their minutes, texts and data. Giving customers transparency over what they’re charged, O2 Refresh allows customers to change devices whenever they want, when they pay off the balance on their device. Once they’ve paid off their device, their bill automatically lowers.

Mobile phone contracts on other networks often combine the cost of the tariff and handset, meaning the costs are not always split. This means that many customers don’t know when they have paid off the cost of their handset. In light of today’s news about some mobile network operators overcharging customers, O2 is calling on the industry to increase the transparency and flexibility of its tariffs. This will help consumers better understand and control their costs.

The reduced bills and increased flexibility shows O2 Refresh as one of the most transparent contracts on the market, especially for customers who want control over their monthly bill, to upgrade early or, crucially, keep their phone beyond their initial contract.

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