Fancy shedding those festive pounds? 🚴🏃

If you’re anything like us, chances are you over indulged over the festive period. A few extra potatoes here and there, a big slice of cake and enough gravy to fill a bath likely resulted in putting on a few extra pounds.

Our O2 Guru is in the same (gravy) boat and they’re sharing some top tips on sticking to that new years resolution and using your smartphone to help shed those extra pounds. In fact, you’ll burn a few calories just scrolling through this blog! 😮

Run or cycle with your phone
If you have an iPhone or Android phone with built-in fitness or health tracking, such as Apple Health on iPhone, Samsung Health on Samsung, or Google Fit for other Android devices, then you already have some fantastic tools available to help get fit, get in shape or lose weight.

Most of these first-party fitness tools work automatically, recording your calories burned, the activity you’re doing, flights of stairs climbed and more. They can also link up with many 3rd party apps, allowing you to pull in stats & metrics from multiple sources into one central health hub.

Some running & cycling apps we love 🚴🏃

  • Zombies, Run! ( or )
    • Why? It’s a game and audio adventure, with a focus on getting you to run from imaginary (or are they?!) zombies. Great fun!
  • Couch to 10K Running Trainer ( or )
    • Why? This is great for those who want to build themselves up from never running, to running a 10k marathon in 14 weeks
  • Running for Weight Loss ( or )
    • Why? This app is specifically tailored to those wishing to run to lose weight, rather than just to stay fit
  • Map My Ride ( or )
    • Why? With over a million downloads on Play Store with average 4.5* rating, this is one of the best cycling apps out there. Track & map your cycles, review your performance and discover new routes.
  • Runtastic (For running: or )   (For cycling: or )
    • Why? Considered by many as the gold standard fitness apps, Runtastic makes tracking your runs and rides an absolute breeze

Get a fitness tracker or smart watch 
We get it – running, cycling or swimming with your phone isn’t ideal – or even possible, depending on the circumstances. This is where fitness trackers and smart watches come into their own. Leave the phone at home, strap on the watch or tracker and away you go.

These days, many are waterproof which means even swimmers can get in on the action. Watches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S3 can even auto-detect the type of workout you’re doing, to track stats more accurately – it’s not just for running. Some smart watches even have bluetooth built-in to allow you to leave your phone at home, pop in some bluetooth earphones and go running, cycling or any other workout while listening to your favourite music playlist. What a world we live in!

Need a fitness tracker, earphones or smart tech? 🎧

  • Fitbit Blaze (£159.99 from O2 – Claim a free Gymbag worth £39.99. Ends 7th Feb)
    • Why we love it: With a full colour screen for easy navigation, up to 5 days battery life and built-in workout plans, this is one of the best fitness trackers around.
  • Bragi The Dash Earphones (£249.99 from O2)
    • Why we love it: These buds are smart. Really smart! You don’t even need a phone, watch or tracker to have great workouts – all the tracking is built right in. And you can even wear them while swimming.
  • Apple AirPods (£159.00 from O2)
    • Why we love it: They are simple and beautiful. Effortlessly pairs with your iPhone, will last longer on a charge than you will, and sound great.
  • Monster Clarity Headphones (£99.99 with O2 Priority. Ends 7th Feb)
    • Why we love it: These not only look amazing, but sound fantastic. They’re very comfortable and with an extended battery & superior noise isolation, these make for an ideal gym partner.

Keep track of your calorie intake 📈
Part of keeping fit or getting into shape means keeping an eye on what you’re eating and drinking. According to the NHS, to maintain your weight a man needs 2,500 calories a day and for a woman it’s 2,000 (daily requirements vary slightly from person to person). One of the best ways to keep count is using a calorie tracker app such as MyFitnessPal ( or ) – it’s so easy to use too; just use the app to scan the barcode of your food & drink and you’re done. This is without a doubt one of the best “must have” fitness/health related apps around.

Think you know your coffee calories from your popcorn? Take our quiz here and find out.

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