You and your mobile. A match made in heaven.

It’s Valentine’s Day and we want to hear about your relationship… with your phone.

When you think about it, it’s hard to imagine life these days without a mobile phone. We talk through them, we type emails on them, some of us binge watch TV shows on them and we capture our lives on them.

It’s not always a smooth relationship with your phone – like real ones, there are special moments and not so special ones.
Moments can change how we feel towards our Mobile Phone, and most of us would class our relationship status with our phone differently depending on how it’s used and what happens during the day.

Here are just some of the love/hate moments that may change how you feel towards your phone in depending on what’s happening during the day;

1) When your phone alarm goes off

2) On the way to work you get a free coffee with O2 Priority

3) Your favourite track drops just before you get to the office

4) When your notifications go crazy when you’re in a meeting *buzz buzz buzz*

5) But then when you check them out, it’s a hilarious tag from your BFF

6) When you think Valentine’s Day will be a washout but you’ve just had a match on a dating app

Here are ways to make sure your relationship with your phone (and your other half) stay healthy.

  • Out for a special meal?
    1. DO: Fire up the O2 Priority app and check the nearby restaurants for any offers. Nothing wrong with grabbing a discount on a gorgeous Italian meal at Valentine’s Day.
    2. DON’T: Keep your phone on the table and look at it every time you get a Facebook notification
  • Off to see a movie?
    1. DO: Use your phone to surprise your date and book the super fancy ‘Premiere’ seats. Comfort goes a long way.
    2. DON’T: Keep your phone on and tweet throughout the movie. Firstly, nobody likes spoilers. Secondly, you don’t want to be ‘that person’ who ruins Black Panther by blinding the row behind you with your screen at 100% brightness
  • When you’re messaging on dating app
    1. DO: Use the smooth talking – enhance it with the RIGHT emoji’s 😉 👋
    2. DON’T: Use the wrong emojis – yes, there are some emoji’s that could make your date think twice about things. 😿  👊 🤢
  • When you’re spending time with your bae
    1. DO: Put the phone down and enjoy the special moments. Slouching on the couch having a binge over your favourite counts as quality time
    2. DON’T: Pay more attention to the group chat banter on any of the many messaging apps. That Neymar screamer clip will still be around tomorrow

Valentine’s Day is all about love – share with us those special moments that you have with your  phone.

Has your phone helped you celebrate Valentines Day? Maybe you got a dozen red roses via O2 Priority through Bloom & Wild, or you’re off to a gig with Priority tickets as a treat with your loved one?

Tell us on Facebook and Twitter with #LoveYourPhone and we’ll do some amazing things with our favourite moments.

Oh, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Love O2