We're here to help your business flex

By Gareth Turpin, Sales Director at O2

Flexibility, a skill we have all had to develop in a year like this one (and I am not just talking about those Yoga classes on Zoom!). Nobody could have predicted the impact of Covid-19 on all our livelihoods, and I am truly in awe of the entrepreneurial way’s that businesses have had to adapt.

At O2, we are extremely proud of how we have supported our customers during an unprecedented time worldwide. Our connectivity has helped facilitate remote working, enabled businesses to keep communicating whilst apart and kept families and friends in contact.

We are committed to playing our role in #RebuildingBritain and we’ve listened to changing customer demands to create even more solutions. Which is why I’m so proud to announce we have launched our new tariffs with a range flexible services to support businesses further. What does flexibility mean to you? To me, it’s the ability to adapt to changing environments, turning challenges you’re faced with into opportunities. Flexibility isn’t optional. Customers are demanding more from the businesses they interact with and businesses need the ability to respond quickly and in turn demand flexibility from those they rely on to support their business.  And it’s why we’re giving our business customers the tools to help them do just that.

By choosing from our range of flexible services our SMB customers receive benefits including flexible tariffs where they can flex their data allowance up and down as needed. Our customers can also choose from and range of contract lengths, from 3 – 36 months, as well as selecting flexible add-on business apps, to ensure they have the right tools to stay productive wherever they need to work. And now, we are adding data rollover, a new benefit that allows businesses to roll over unused data to the next month, so the data they don’t use isn’t lost.

A real highlight for me this summer was our Everyday Heroes competition. O2 shined a light and awarded some truly inspiring people across the UK who had made a difference to their community during lock-down. Our friends at Cannon Hall Farm had their world turned upside down by the pandemic. They went from small scale farmers to international-streamed sensations overnight. They were creative and flexed their approach, instead of inviting visitors in to see their animals, they streamed them.

Something all our Everyday Heroes winners had in common was the need and capability to be flexible. The advancements in technology meant that Cannon Hall Farm could connect with audiences across the world and I am certainly glad they had the tools to do it.

On the UK’s No.1 network, O2 is here for you to help you manage the needs of your business with the support and flexibility you need. Find out more about our tariffs here.