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It's coming home!

The overwhelming focus for many people today will be on this evening’s FIFA World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia.  As England have progressed through the tournament, there has been increasing interest in how a group of disparate young men – the fiercest of rivals when playing for their club sides – have become such … more »

Social Action in Recruitment

When O2 began funding and mentoring young people to run social action projects through our Think Big programme seven years ago, youth unemployment was over 20%.  At a time when the job market was particularly tough for young people, social action offered them a way to develop self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, project delivery and other skills … more »

Using digital technology effectively for your workforce and customers

I attended the launch of the O2 Local Government Digital Fund recently to hear how Local Authorities use digital technology to benefit their employees and where they have identified potential to improve. At O2 we have looked closely at how we can improve workforce efficiency and collaboration through flexible working, putting our own staff in … more »

People for our future

Ten years ago, we didn’t have social media teams or app development experts. It’s a clear sign that the world’s evolving – and at a fast pace. To stay ahead, businesses need to recruit people with the right attitude to adapt to these changes. In my role at O2, one of my primary goals is … more »