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O2 customers are happiest indoors

The interest and excitement around new smartphone launches in the last few months demonstrates again the appetite for mobile connectivity in the UK. This year four in five adults in Britain will own a smartphone as they replace computers and laptops as the go-to hub for their personal and professional lives. In the last year alone … more »

A Year in the Life of the O2 Network

by Brendan O’Reilly, Chief Technology Officer at O2 This weekend I took my little boys to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, along with most of London it seemed! As I watched all the excited parents taking pictures of their children having fun, I was happy  to see one of our O2 COWs (Cell on … more »

O2's 4G network: getting bigger and better

by Brendan O’Reilly, Chief Technology Officer at Telefónica UK 655 days ago I stood excitedly next to a hospital bed waiting patiently for the arrival of my second son. At pretty much the same time, the rest of the O2 Network teams were stood, equally as nervously,  in our Network Management Centre awaiting news that … more »