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Celebrating International Youth Day

By Terry Boyce, Delivery & Partnerships Manager for Think Big, delivered by the National Youth Agency.  It’s International Youth Day which is giving me the opportunity to say hi, introduce myself and talk about the amazing and inspiring work of young people from across the UK. I joined the O2 Think Big team as Delivery & Partnerships … more »

6 soft skills you can't learn at University

University is valuable. However, there are certain invaluable soft skills which we do not learn at university. Suleiman Faruqi, Business Sales Graduate at Telefonica UK, takes us through his six must-have soft skills both within the workplace and without. TEAMWORK Teamwork is crucial to any organisation with an employee base of more than one. Interacting … more »

The benefits of technology are still not open to every young person despite UK's growing tech-savvy millennial generation

Although it’s great to see children as young as 6 rivalling the digital expertise of a 45-year-old, the latest Ofcom insights into techie teens – part of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report – doesn’t address the huge numbers still without access to digital technology, who are still not benefiting from this digital revolution. In fact, a … more »

Millennials identify technology as most important field of study for personal future success

By Salisu Mohammed, Telefonica It’s 2014, entrepreneur is the new buzzword and many claim, through LinkedIn at least, to have reached success through some type of digital innovation. What constitutes a successful digital entrepreneur, however, is still open for debate. The fact is that in a recent Ofsted report, those who claim to have mastered … more »