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About Mark Adams-Wright

Mark joined O2 following his time as CIO at Suffolk County Council. He has over 20 years’ experience in the IT and telecommunications industry, working on both sides of the public-private fence. In his current role, he is always trying to bridge the gap between the two sectors. At O2, this has included transforming the Local Government Future Forum into the Digital Forum (the LGDF) to bring real digital innovation and insight to the Public Sector. For his sins, Mark is a long-suffering Wycombe Wanderers’ fan. When not weeping in the stands, he breeds pedigree cocker-spaniels of which he has three. Mark is married, with two children and a lizard.

How mobile apps can transform the Public Sector

After our successful Local Government Digital Forum Initiative (which you can read more about here) it was interesting to see that of the 57 bids submitted, 30 were ideas for developing mobile phone apps. This is reflective of the opportunity in the Public Sector around digital technology, and the ability for apps to simplify processes … more »

Not your average white paper: a report from the front line of Local Government

There are hoards of white papers out there that all have their own take on why councils should be going digital. Wouldn’t it be more helpful if you had access to concrete research and hard evidence as to the reasoning for such a huge transformation? Or to hear from Local Government compatriots already on the … more »

Local Government finalists brace themselves for O2 'Dragon's Den'

We’ve had a fantastic response to our’ Local Government Digital Fund initiative this year, with over 50 entries from more than 120 Local Authorities, many in collaboration with other Public Sector bodies such as the NHS, Police and Third Sector.  All bidding to win up to £250,000 worth of O2 technology and services to turn … more »

Digital Public Sector: the problems and the solutions

Local Authorities (LAs) may be missing a trick when it comes to digital policy. According to Mark Adams-Wright, O2’s Managing Partner for Local Government, LAs need to overcome their fear of data, embrace digital innovation and get on with engaging with citizens on their terms. From the recent discussions I’ve had with LAs, ‘digital’ is … more »

A 21st Century Local Government: why digital is key

So, what is the key to keeping an organisation alive and strong for 800+ years? According to John Barradell, the Town Clerk and Chief Executive of City of London Corporation, it’s about being adaptable, and able to react quickly to circumstances and change. His was just one of the inspirational talks at our recent series … more »

O2 Local Government Digital Fund helping communities to realise their 'smart' ambitions

I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the O2 Local Government Digital Fund initiative, which gives Local Authorities the chance to bid for £250,000 worth of digital expertise, services and technology to make a difference in their community. While working on the project, I’ve been really impressed with how ambitious many Local Authorities are being … more »