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The Shared Rural Network shows the way to unlock investment

by Mark Evans, CEO, Telefonica UK The Shared Rural Network (SRN) is a departure from how investment in rural mobile coverage has traditionally been delivered. In the past, it’s been achieved largely through competition between the network operators, underscored by the threat of statutory intervention. However, now that 4G coverage has reached over 99% of … more »

Big business in 2021

By Mark Evans, CEO, O2 I’ll spare you another analysis of the last twelve months. Suffice to say, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. Now, with the vaccine rollout imminent, it is time to look ahead. As a leader of a big business I can say for certain that next year will be tough, but it … more »

A digitally powered economic recovery

This article was written by Mark Evans, CEO of Telefónica UK, for the New Statesman.  Read the article in full here:  The UK economy is mired in uncertainty. Our relationship with the EU will change when the Brexit transition period ends, but we don’t yet know how. The coronavirus pandemic will pass, but we don’t … more »

Our collective responsibility to rebuild our great nation

How we emerge from COVID-19 as a more connected Britain By Mark Evans, CEO Telefonica UK (O2) For nearly twenty years O2 has proudly contributed to the very fabric of modern British life – connectivity. Britain now has more mobile connections than it does people, which speaks volumes about the innate importance of communication and … more »

The Shared Rural Network can be just the beginning

Today’s announcement by the Government to back the Shared Rural Network (SRN) is first and foremost good news for consumers.  The UK landmass that receives 4G coverage from all four of the UK’s mobile network operators will increase from 66% to 84%; each operator will provide 4G to at least 90% of the country’s landmass; … more »

The Post-Brexit Investment Opportunity for Mobile and UK plc

Over 3½ years after the EU referendum, the UK left the EU on Friday evening last week.  Since the general election there has been a desire in Government to look forward with renewed ambition and a fresh start to build a strong post-Brexit future for the UK.  The Chancellor has echoed this sentiment, billing the … more »
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Delivering for Britain with a Shared Rural Network

Great strides have been made to improve mobile coverage in recent years by investment that has been delivered and entirely funded by the UK’s four mobile phone operators. O2 began rolling out its 4G network in 2013 and four years later was providing coverage to 98% of the population. We now reach over 99% and … more »

Making every day better through charity partnerships

I’m immensely proud to lead a company that defines its purpose as making every day better through personal experiences that count. Nowhere is this more true than in the diverse ways that our brand collaborates with partners and supports UK charities. For O2 charity begins at home, as it does for many people.  We are … more »