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#OwnYourFeed: O2 partners with YoungMinds to encourage positivity online

Social media. It has the power to connect us: bringing us closer to friends and family, to gaming, to shopping, to breaking news and more. But it’s not always what it seems – and young people in particular have told us that their social media feeds can have a major impact on their mental health … more »

Change Starts with Us: Together, let's stamp out bullying

We all know that bullying is a serious issue, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how we can make a difference. I experienced bullying when I was at school, but felt safe every night when I got home to my supportive family unit, where the bullies couldn’t reach me. A lot of today’s children aren’t … more »

Ten years of O2 Recycle: three million devices later, how far have we come?

A lot has happened in the last ten years. We’ve welcomed eight royal babies. London hosted the Olympics. And we’ve put environmental issues on the national agenda like never before. We’re all waking up to a more environmentally friendly way of life – from little changes like taking reusable bags for the weekly shop to … more »