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CES 2020: My favourite tech from the show

Technology is amazing. It’s what connects us, allows us to call friends and family a world apart, keeps us safe, entertained, informed, and everything in between. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas returned this week where we’re being treated to lots of brand new technology – some of it ingenious, some … more »

O2 and NSPCC: helping parents start the conversation

Today, I spoke at the NSPCC How Safe conference about child safety online, hosted by our partners, the NSPCC. While there, I heard from experts, young people and fellow parents about the complex issues they’re facing today when it comes to keeping children safe online. Technology is naturally shaping how children play, learn, build relationships … more »

O2's CMO: the five things I'm excited about in 2019

Fascinating, challenging and dynamic. This was the view of 2019 I shared in my opening remarks at the Cannes Lions event in London this week. The team there kindly invited me to talk through five things I’m excited about in 2019: Brand Courage This is about reaching beyond your category or sector to demonstrate relevance … more »