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The Think Big Blueprint- The Journey So Far

BEING MORE THAN THE SUM OF OUR PARTS I am proud to report on the close-out of Telefónica UK’s first public sustainability plan ̶  the Think Big Blueprint  ̶  which set O2 on a path towards three stretching and time-bound goals between the years 2012 and 2015. The results are in. We’ve met or exceeded … more »

Mobile: a key driver of the economy

The Chancellor will be putting the finishing touches to his budget statement due on Wednesday. Naturally, there will be a clamour of differing opinions over what measures may be necessary to keep our economy on a steady path of growth. I want to take this moment to consider the transformation that is occurring in our … more »

Five things Obama's visit to Kenya said for entrepreneurialism

When American President, Barack Obama, signed off his recent visit to Kenya by telling the Kenyan people there is “no limit to what you can achieve”, he projected a sentiment that I recognise and share. Obama, whose father was born in Kenya, was in Nairobi for the first Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in sub-Saharan Africa, … more »
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More Brits become digital and leave the analogue world behind

Latest figures from Ofcom’s Communications Review out this month reveal that the average cost of a mobile voice call minute (including monthly access fee) has decreased by 12.9% (1.2 pence) since 2008, whereas, the average cost of a fixed voice call minute (including line rental) has increased by 29.5% (2.3 pence) over the same period. This … more »

Businesses need to wake up to the digital challenges

The digital skills agenda is in vogue like never before. Much is being done to encourage young people to realise the potential that comes from having grown up with the internet. Nothing says this more than the arrival of computing on the primary school curriculum this September. Britain is waking up to the fact that … more »

Ronan Dunne talks 4G in The Sunday Telegraph

Originally published in Sunday Telegraph 03 Aug 2013. At long last the economic tide is turning. Businesses are ever more upbeat, and the latest GDP figures show, for the first time since 2011, two consecutive quarters of economic growth. For me, what’s even more encouraging is that we now have an unrivalled opportunity to drive … more »

Building trust

This week I spoke at Ethical Corporation’s annual Responsible Business Summit in London. The theme of the panel was ‘How companies will build trust in 2020’ – something which I feel is essential for the growth, and survival, of any company in today’s climate.  The corporate world has faced challenging times recently with established professions … more »