Samsung Galaxy S6 just got edgier.

Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is coming soon. In April this year, Samsung launched their newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. The S6 was a natural evolution to their already-brilliant S series, but the S6 edge was the real showstopper. Featuring a new dual edge display which curves … more »

Celebrating O2 Gurus for National Customer Service Week

It’s National Customer Service Week, so what better time to shine the spotlight on our customer champions, better known as our O2 Gurus. Here’s five reasons why we love them: O2 Gurus can help you with much more than just your phone. Whether it’s wearables, smartwatches or tablets, they’ll help you master all your smart … more »

Our newest 4G areas uncovered

Our 4G roll out now covers 232 UK towns and cities, providing 37.5% indoor coverage. Here’s a few interesting facts that we’ve discovered about our newest 4G areas: Portsmouth: Also known as Pompey (although no one knows the official story why) this town boasts a ton of literary giants including Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle … more »

5 things technology is about to make obsolete

Cameras, iPods, diaries, books, DVDs… the list of things your smartphone has relegated to dusty museum shelves is already long. With games consoles on their way to being next, what else could technology soon make as rare as an Android phone in an Apple shop? The O2 Gurus found out: Lightswitches The humble lightswitch may soon … more »

The best apps and gadgets for recording your holiday

Forget having the neighbours round for a slideshow, there’s now a wealth of gadgets and apps out there for sharing our holidays even as we’re on them. Here, the O2 Gurus take a look at the best apps, cameras and gadgets for showing off your break in the sun… There’s no point denying it: one of … more »

Wimbledon life hacks. New balls please.

It’s time for Wimbledon, where around 28,000kg of strawberries will be eaten, rain will undoubtedly stop play and 54,250 balls will be used over the next two weeks.  We’ve been sharing the tennis love with our ‘Be More Dog’ tennis balls, which we gave out in stores earlier this year to support our ‘How dog … more »