Hot Looks, Cool Price With The New O2 Ice - O2 introduces the extra-cool O2 Ice to its portfolio of devices

Be cool, and embrace the chill this autumn with the ultra sleek and stylish O2 Ice – guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine! The new O2 Ice is a chic 3G handset, perfect for those who want a feature rich device wrapped in a sophisticated design.  The slim candy bar phone fuses functionality and fashion at a fantastic price making it the ‘coolest’ handset this season.   Designed exclusively for O2, the O2 Ice is the first in a series of innovative, insight-led handsets that have been specifically designed with the user in mind. Featuring an inbuilt MP3 player and a 1.3 mega pixel camera with zoom, the O2 Ice is an all in one digital device that will keep you entertained as those long nights draw in.   Its 32MB internal memory and microSD card slot means there’s space to transfer your favourite tracks or record and playback those memorable events wherever you are. And if you want to share those amusing moments with friends or colleagues, the O2 Ice’s l Bluetooth capabilities make it even easier.   With its 3G video calling feature, the O2 Ice is perfect for keeping in touch with the ones you love. As well as making video calls, users can download video messages or picture messages sent from family, friends or that special someone, whilst the easy to use menu makes light work of sending a message.   The O2 Ice also offers easy access to O2 Active so you can get up to speed on the latest news, find out the latest celebrity gossip or check up on all the football results. O2 customers can also access services such as Hotmail and Streetmap via their handset, meaning there is no reason to be late to those important meetings or that hot date ever again! Budding stars can even put their skills to the test on O2’s new LookAtMe! service, which invites customers to show off their talents and even earn a little cash on the side. The O2 Ice costs from £99 on pre pay and is available at a range of prices (dependent on tariff and subject to availability) for pay monthly customers. For those early bird Christmas shoppers, the O2 Ice can be purchased exclusively from any O2 retail store or at during September, and will be available from direct and indirect channels from October.