Jamiroquai High Times Singles 1992-2006 Released Via Mobile

From 20 October 2006, O2 and Nokia customers will be able to get their hands on Jamiroquai’s High Times Singles 1992-2006 album weeks before anyone else. This will be the first time an album will go live on mobile before it is released. O2 and Nokia customers will have exclusive access to the band’s back catalogue of 30 tracks and five videos, giving them the unique chance to create their own personalised greatest hits album on mobile. Music fans will access this service via an online store and three Nokia Nseries multimedia devices on O2 (N73, N80 and N91) three weeks before the physical release of the album. The devices will be on sale at O2 stores throughout the UK.  Each device will come with a credit card style voucher that enables customers to access an online store, powered by TuneTribe, featuring the music and videos from Jamiroquai’s extensive catalogue, with tracks ranging from Emergency On Planet Earth and Virtual Insanity to the Blacksmith R&B remix of You Give Me Something.  Customers will then be able to use the voucher to select their own Greatest Hits package from a range of 30 full track audio downloads and five full track videos on the store. The voucher can be redeemed for a bundle of 10 audio tracks, 1 video, the Realtone for the new single Runaway and a mobile image for free from the pool of content, all of which can be downloaded onto the customer’s PC, from where they can sideload the package onto their Nokia Nseries device via Nokia PC Suite. It is estimated that there are 150,225,075 different combinations available giving fans a feature that offers them a truly bespoke version of High Times Singles 1992-2006. During the promotion period – 20 October to 31 December 2006 – O2 will support the promotion with the Jamiroquai album playing in shops as well as window displays and other in-store marketing, including t-shirts, balloons and four feet high “Buffalo Man” cut-outs.  O2 will also create a mobile microsite on O2 Active to further drive the promotion. The device boxes will feature Jamiroquai album artwork on the outer sleeves. Alex Vlassopulos, business development manager for new media at Sony BMG, said: “This is a unique promotion that demonstrates an exciting new route for fans to access music and gain more of a creative hands-on involvement with our artists. It’s a flagship campaign for digital music.” Grahame Riddell, head of content marketing at O2, commented: “For O2, we always strive to provide our customers with exciting content as well as pushing the boundaries of mobile technology.  The key to the future success of mobile music services will be the creation of communities on mobile by letting fans interact with live music and their favorite artists.” Andrew Connell, director of multimedia at Nokia said: “The Nokia Nseries offers unparalleled multimedia experiences not available on traditional mobile telephones so are the perfect devices for enjoying the songs and videos offered via this exclusive partnership.” To locate your nearest O2 shop simply call 0800 22 44 77 or text STORE to 80202.