Local Lads (and Ladies) Done Good! (Midlands release)

Through a combination of grit, determination and doubtless good fortune, 24 teams of local lads from the Midlands, have made it to the final 96 teams battling it out for the dubious honour of bringing home the FHM O2 Cup in 2006.  This year we’re even embracing equality as not only is there a men’s heat but there will also be an FHM O2 Women’s Cup heat too!   Having already survived a tough preliminary voting stage, the chosen ones from the Midlands will be pitting their football skills against each other in a lads and lasses knock-out heat, to be held on 05 March 2006 at University of Birmingham, Edgbaston.  This year’s FHM O2 Cup heat, in association with Sony Ericsson,  is going to be more action-packed and exciting than last year and will be hosted by the lovely Kelly Dalglish – on hand to guide, advise and chat to fans.   The heat hopefuls will be battling it out in the freezing cold in the dedicated hope they will be among the top four teams who qualify for the grand final, which will be played on the hallowed turf of Highbury on 14 May 2006 – one of the last ever games to be staged at the famous stadium.  The four winning men and women’s teams from the Midlands will each compete with 12 teams from the other three heats in the South of England, the North of England and Scotland to be crowned as the best 5-a-side team in the land.    The eventual winners of the men and women’s finals will be bestowed with the honour of lifting the FHM O2 Cup at Highbury and benefit from all the other spoils of victory – the respect of the nation (possibly) and the adoration of football fans across the UK (hopefully).  There is also the small matter of £5,000 cash and five Sony Ericsson Walkman® phones for the winning team.  There can only be one final winner so get down to the Midlands’ heat and help these fine upstanding members of your community on their way to holding aloft the FHM O2 Cup and FHM O2 Women’s Cup at Highbury in May.   Anybody can stroll up to the O2 Cup heats – and there are VIP prizes on offer if you do!  Whether your boys and girls reach the final or not, the best supported team (plus ten of their fans and two subs!) will receive the best corporate hospitality Arsenal has to offer.  The lucky 18 will get boxes at the O2 Cup Final, lodgings at the Arsenal team hotel, post-final party tickets and an O2 Angel just for your team.  Even runners-up can bring fans to the party so show your support at the heats to ensure you’re on the guest list!   At the heats, you’ll find masseurs, an opportunity to get your mug on your own front cover of FHM and a penalty shoot out tournament with the winner getting the chance to play on the Highbury pitch before it turns to fertilizer.  And if you need any further incentive to leave the sofa, there’ll be a bar at the heat to help keep your spirit levels up!