An O2 survey issued today indicates that more people are sending a text message to say ‘thank you’ than writing a card or a letter after Christmas. Whether it’s a note to say ‘thanks’ for presents or for Christmas hospitality, 48% of those polled used text messages to say thank you. “Texting is quick, easy and allows the recipient to respond instantly.” An O2 spokesperson said. In a survey of 1,008 people 48% said they had chosen to text, whilst just 16% said they would choose to send cards. Of the remaining 36% of people face-to-face and telephone conversations were the most popular. And 7% of those surveyed admitted to not saying thank you at all. An O2 spokesperson added: “The use of text messaging is now so frequent that people of all generations feel more comfortable expressing how they truly feel through text messages. “ “The formal nature of writing cards makes it difficult to know what to say but text messaging resolves the problem by allowing senders to express their feelings without the worry of sounding insincere.”