O2 brings glorious 4G to tablets and laptops

  • 4G Mobile Broadband tariffs starting at £15 a month with first monthly data allowance completely free
  • Tariffs available alongside a range of tablets and mobile broadband dongles

O2 today announces the launch of its new 4G mobile broadband tariffs, giving customers the opportunity to experience 4G on their tablets and laptops from just £15 a month, with the first monthly data allowance completely free.

Following the launch of its 4G network just ten weeks ago and its Pay & Go Go Go tariff last month, O2 has now introduced new tariffs for tablets and laptops, making it even easier for customers to get their hands on glorious 4G.

The brand new Mobile Broadband tariffs offer even more choice and flexibility for customers, giving them the opportunity to get O2 4G on their tablet or laptop for the first time.

  Data Cost How Long Roll Over Bolt-ons
One off Top-Up 5GB £30 90 days

Monthly Plan 3GB £15 1 month Up to 12GB 1GB (£10)
5GB (8GB offer) £25 1 month Up to 12GB 1GB (£10)


Customers have the choice of a one off top-up of 5GB of data lasting 90 days, or a monthly plan of either 3GB or 5GB.

Starting at just £15 a month, the monthly tariffs give customers a regular top-up of data, without being tied into a long agreement. In addition, customers choosing the £25 5GB monthly plan who sign up before the 28th February 2014, will get an additional 3GB of monthly data allowance, every month, for as long as they stay signed up to the 5GB plan.

To make sure that customers get the most from their monthly package, if they don’t use all of their data one month they can roll up to 12GB over into their next top-up. If customers run out of data, one off 1GB bolt-ons can be added.

The tariffs, available in store, online and over the phone today are designed for use with a range of tablets including the Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Tab 3, also available from O2 stores. And for customers looking to get 4G on their laptop, the tariffs are also available with 4G dongles, including the ZTE MF823 (£50) and the Huawei E8278 Dongle with mobile wifi, which allows up to 10 other devices to connect to the 4G network (£65).

To help customers choose the data package that is right for them, the O2 Gurus have created a data calculator. This lets customers estimate how much data they’ll use on a monthly basis and therefore which tariff to go for. More information on 4G for tablets and laptops can be found at www.o2.co.uk/4g.

O2’s 4G Network now covers over 15 million people in the UK, across 11 key cities and over 90 surrounding towns up and down the country. For full network coverage information please visit www.o2.co.uk/4G