O2 launched in the Czech Republic with new IPTV service

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic will offer its services under the O2 brand from tomorrow and launch a new IP-based TV service, it was announced today. O2 will replace the two original brands, ?ESKÝ TELECOM and Eurotel, and will be used for all fixed line and mobile products. The change of the corporate identity to O2 involves several major projects, which will be phased in over the next six months. These include the re-branding of thousands of payphones, vehicles, the exteriors and interiors of buildings, employee uniforms and identification cards as well as logos on the displays of mobile phones. The new O2 brand will be communicated using a mix of traditional media, including print and Internet advertisements, billboards, and television spots. The company is also using non-traditional forms of communication, for example, several tram stops in Prague will house interactive billboards, allowing users with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to download a song from Leftfield featured in the TV campaign. One of the key objectives of Telefónica O2 Czech Republic is to introduce further improvements to customer care and support through a single contact number and Internet address. In addition, all shops with be unified under the O2 brand and soon customers will also be able to choose the option of receiving a unified bill for mobile and fixed services. Together with the brand, Telefónica O2 is also launching new services. The first product, called O2 TV, will offer more than 30 broadcast channels available through a fixed connection and is now potentially available to more than one million lines.  The O2 TV service is based on the transmission of a broadcast signal and other interactive multimedia services using IP (Internet Protocol) technology. The user only needs a modem that supports the O2TV service and a set-top box connected to the television in order to watch missed television shows, movie rentals, and receive radio stations. The company is also introducing new, simplified mobile tariffs, which offer additional credit for calls, video calls or SMS as well as a rebate scheme for all new and existing customers who decide to use several products at the same time. Peter Erskine, chairman and chief executive officer, O2, said: “The O2 brand has gone from strength to strength in Europe after just five years since its inception and the latest independent research among users show it is leading in a number of key areas of customer service and association.   “In addition to the brand, our newest business in the Czech Republic is playing a crucial part in O2’s move beyond mobile into fixed broadband and converged services. Initiatives such as O2 TV in the Czech Republic and O2 Germany’s announcement today that it is to launch a range of integrated mobile and fixed DSL broadband services, will be shared across the O2 Group as our other businesses prepare to roll-out new products and services in this area.” Jaime Smith, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, said:  “In the Czech Republic, we will present ourselves under the unified brand of O2. In all communication, this brand will also be bolstered by the logo of parent company Telefónica as a guarantee of quality and international scale. We are an integrated telecommunications operator with a strong parent company which is active globally and as such, we can offer customers services for all of their telecommunications needs.”