O2 Lend Us A Quid

You may have heard about Orange’s recent announcement of an overdraft scheme that lends prepay customers up to £2.50 if they run out of credit. We thought it would be useful to remind you of our ‘Lend Us A Quid’ scheme which launched in August 2006. Our scheme allows O2 customers to borrow a quid off us when they run out of credit by calling the top-up line. Over 1.5m customers have borrowed a £1 from us since we launched. Further details of our scheme are as follows: Launched – August 2006 Amount of overdraft – £1 No’ of customers used scheme to date – 1.5 million Eligibility – All prepay customers Costs – No standing fee Terms of payback – No time limit but if not paid back within 7 days, there is a 25p surcharge. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions. Thanks.