O2 Top For Customer Online Experience

Building on earlier customer service success, O2 has now topped a Customer Respect Group* survey on how the UK’s leading telecommunications companies treat their online site users.  The survey ranked www.o2.co.uk ‘Excellent’, which places it in the top 5% of all websites worldwide, making O2 the first UK telco company to achieve such a rating.   This follows a number of recent achievements for O2 in the customer services field, including a double success in the latest JD Power surveys which placed O2 number one for both prepay and postpay customer satisfaction as well as for retail customer satisfaction.   The Customer Respect Group survey ranked 14 UK telecoms companies on how they treated their online customers during the third quarter of 2006 looking at six categories: privacy, principals, attitude, transparency, simplicity and responsiveness.  The survey assigned a Customer Respect Index (or CRI) rating for each company, and O2’s top-scoring 7.4 was well above the industry’s average of 5.8.  A rating of 7 or more is needed in order to be classified ‘Excellent’.   Matthias Bohler of the Customer Respect Group acknowledged that telecom operators are increasingly competing for each other’s customers rather than addressing new market segments and congratulated O2, commenting that “customers increasingly make assumptions on a company and its brand based on the online experience.  The results of the study clearly demonstrate that www.o2.co.uk offers a best in class online experience in the critical areas of Trust, Communication and Ease of Use, core drivers of the online experience when visiting a website.”  Guy Hancox, of O2’s Online Marketing, said “This survey shows yet again our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible experience.  We have designed our site to be the most useable and trusted in the market, and our ‘Excellent’ ranking is a validation of our commitment to the customer by providing a site that does what our customers really want.”