Telefónica O2 Czech Republic introduces O2 TRIO - O2 High Speed Internet, O2 TV, and Unlimited Calling

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, the first integrated operator on the Czech market is offering its customers a complete package of telecommunications and entertainment services for one price under the name O2 TRIO. This new package provides customers with three services in one – O2 Internet Expres, O2TV multimedia television, and unlimited free national and local calling to fixed line networks inclusive in one monthly fee. Starting at a promotional price of CZK 999 for the basic package, customers can save up to CZK 499 (without VAT) off the standard pricing when ordering three services individually. After the first three months of usage, customers using O2 TRIO will continue to save over CZK 199 (without VAT) providing considerable and ongoing savings to the family household budget. Andrej Torriani, Chief Marketing Officer of Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, says, “Our new offer is simply a logical way to meet market demands and provide the services our customers want while saving them money. With unlimited calling, unlimited Internet access and the best in TV and movie entertainment, customers will start to see the benefits of converged offerings of Telefonica O2. Furthermore, with the savings offered through the O2 TRIO package, customers get a financial benefit which can be seen in value terms as receiving O2TV multimedia television free of charge for three months or as a highly attractive price for high speed Internet access.” Special and standard prices of services: O2 TRIO Monthly savings O2 TRIO Monthly savings Internet 512 kb/s 2048 kb/s Television Entertainment/Cinema Entertainment/Cinema Fixed line Nonstop Nonstop Special price three months * CZK 999 CZK 499 CZK 1,159 CZK 539 Standard price * CZK 1,299 CZK 199 CZK 1,459 CZK 239 O2 TRIO Monthly savings O2 TRIO Monthly savings Internet 3072kb/s 4096 kb/s Television Entertainment/Cinema Entertainment/Cinema Fixed line Nonstop Nonstop Special price three months* Standard price * CZK 1,659 CZK 239 CZK 2,059 CZK 239 *prices are presented without VAT and are valid as of activation with a (12-month) contract, for the special offer, the service must be activated by April 30, 2007 at the latest Activation fee for O2 TRIO New as well as existing customers can activate O2 TRIO for just CZK 1 (without VAT) with a 12-month contract, or for CZK 1,499 (without VAT) without any commitment. Activation under these conditions is also possible for customers who have already signed a contract for Internet Expres, O2TV, or a fixed line. End-user devices for the O2 TRIO service With the O2 TRIO service, the customer receives a four-port D-link DSL-584T ADSL modem, configured for both broadband Internet as well as O2TV multimedia television simultaneously for only CZK 1 (without VAT). Furthermore, the customer can rent an iCAN 3800TW-IP set-top box for just CZK 1 (without VAT) per month. In addition to receiving O2TV multimedia television, this set-top box also receives digital terrestrial DVB-T signals and is thus beneficial for customers in areas where analogue terrestrial broadcasting is gradually being replaced by digital broadcasting.